• Bill Abright- Inside Job
  • Bill Abright-Terror Fried
  • Bill Abright-Chimp
  • Bill Abright- Keyhole
  • Bill Abright-Auditorium

  • Bill Abright- Watch Dog
  • Worda Best Left Unsaid
  • Bill Abright- Mask Graphite
  • Bill Abright-Rabbit Hole
  • Bill Abright-What the Dog Saw

Bill Abright - Drawings - Inside Job

Inside Job, graphite on paper, 55" x 42"

A mask can be a covering to protect or conceal or reveal. It can be the façade one shows to the world, while the person behind it may be very different. My mask drawings can also be considered from the inside out, as though they are being seen from the wearer’s point of view. I am exploring the junction and interface of internal and external worlds. I begin with a rubbing from the wood grain of my studio floor, and develop any images that present themselves. I want each new piece to represent a discovery, a personal journey to make the unknown known. It is a solitary game.. To play this game honestly is to accept the images that emerge. The process allows my subconscious to find it’s way onto the paper. I recognize the characters that take form and their similarities to people in my life. I objectify the internal issues of family relationships, my professional challenges of teaching Art and making Art, and my quest to accept and reconcile my role in the world. The graphite stick and paper become the conduit for my need to express and my necessity to extract.