• Bill Abright Husk
  • Wahoo
  • Bill Abright- Ceramic Fish
  • Bill Abright - Ceramic Fish - Bloodline
  •  Bill Abright - Ceramic Fish - Don't Tread
  • Bill Abright Ceramic fish-Pikenose
  • Bill Abright Ceramic fish- Big Fish
  • Bill Abright Ceramic fish-Squid
  • Missing Link

Bill Abright - Ceramic Fish-Rotation



I am using the traditional sportsman’s wall trophy format as a vehicle for creative thought, visual play, and technical exploration. Fish represent a primal life form that appeals to my connection with life on Earth. I find myself fascinated by the variety of their form and the individual peculiarities of their evolution. They are food and friend. They serve as an indicator of vulnerability in our environment. They have existed from the beginning of time to the end of the line. Some of my fish sculptures are complete as an exterior form, in which the shape and surface information is the primary focus, others open to reveal an interior collection of imagery and objects that encourage a specific direction to their interpretations. I am fascinated and respectful of the natural world and draw more inspiration from it than I do from manmade things. I combine science and imagination to invent new species,comment on our culture, and make visual connections between fish and men. The large fish are made in sections, fired, epoxied together, and then painted with acrylics. In the process of pursuing the path to one idea, discoveries emerge. In my most creative moments this path merges one idea to another, solution to problem to solution in seamless transition.