“Brood”, 2011

Several years ago I watched a Crow raid the nest of a family of Bluejays and carry off the struggling hatchling to it's own nest. Five minutes later the Crow came back for the hatchlings nest mate. Years before this while on a walk with our kids we saw a Bluejay divebomb and carry off a baby quail that was walking with it's parents. The continuing cycle of the FLOW of life on the planet is that we eat one another. In "Brood" I represent the pyramid of interdependence between species. The dominant Crow figure is made up of it's own prey and the nest is structured from the sectioned remains of the songbirds upon which the Crow will raise it's own "Brood".

Wall mounted sculpture- Stoneware clay fired to cone 6 with underglazes and finished with acrylic paint.19"h-15"w-12"d.