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Two Old Crows-2012, wall mounted,   25"h
Two Old Crows -2012

This sculpture explores the interplay between interior space and exterior form as a metaphor for my own investigation of self. I am curious about what is beneath the surface of things in both the natural and manmade world. Paralleling the mating habits of Crows, my wife and I have shared over 40 years of time together pursuing our art, raising a family and building a life. We have stepped into the daily flow of a passing lifetime. We are connected together by the history of shared experiences. "Two Old Crows" developed out of my process of conglomerating parts into an original plaster mold anticipating partial deconstruction upon removal. The placement of the crow couple with crossed bills conveys my tenderness toward my mate. I have an eye on us both. The contents of the head include two doves representing our politics and personality as well as reinforcing the monogamy of couples in the animal world that mate for life along with numerous thrown pottery shapes held together by the sticks and stones of our experience.

Wall mounted sculpture. Stoneware clay fired to cone 6 with underglazes and finished with acrylic paint. 25"h-14"w-9"d