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Unraveling-2012,wall mounted,  25"h
Unraveling - 2012

I create layers of complex interior spaces suggestive of organs or skeletal structure by combining wheel thrown and hand built ceramic forms into conglomerated recognizable shapes. The "Unraveling" of a personal relationship is at the heart of this sculpture. The chaos of having a life turned upside down symbolized by the crow couples placement on each side of the head. The character is still smiling on the outside, while screaming on the inside, keeping it together while falling apart. It is the universal challenge of couples, groups and nations. Like the ocean tide that flows both ways we experience joy and pain, success and failure in continual cycles of day and night from birth to death. Wall mounted sculpture.

Stoneware clay fired to cone 6 with underglazes and finished with acrylic paint. 25"h-14"w-9"